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Revolutionize your trading for less than the equivalent to 4 points of profit on the ES!

Learn to read the two-way auction process using market profile.

This eCourse contains over 4 hours of educational content broken down into 14 individual video lessons. Each video is designed to make the complex concepts of reading the market auction into simple, easily digestible, bite-sized parts.

Course Outline.

Lesson 1: The Path to Profitability

  • This lesson will walk you through the process of developing a systematic approach to your trading.

Lesson 2: The Two-Way Auction Process

  • This lesson will explain how the market moves through a two-way auction process.

Lesson 3: Thinking in Probabilities

  • Learn to think like a trader.

Lesson 4: Market Profile Chart

  • Learn to differentiate market profile references.

Lesson 5: Developing Value

  • Learn to trade value, not price.

Lesson 6: Initial Balance

  • The first hour of trade sets the tone for the day.

Lesson 7: Point of Control

  • Learn to recognize the fairest price to do business.

Lesson 8: Trends

  • The trend is your friend.

Lesson 9: Rotation

  • Learn to read when the market is rotational.

Lesson 10: Weak References

  • Learn to read weak and poor references.

Lesson 11: Single Prints

  • Learn to read single prints, buying tails, selling tails, and spikes.

Lesson 12: Liquidation & Short Covering

  • Learn how to read a Liquidation Break or Short Covering rally on market profile software.

Lesson 13: MGI vs NEWS

  • Market Generated Information is the key to consistency.

Lesson 14: The Cold Hard Truth


Written, hosted, and produced by Charles Gough.

Purchase grants access to the content for 1 year. This course is the intellectual property of Pirate Traders Inc. and may not be resold or redistributed in any way.


3 reviews for Market Profile E-Course

  1. 5 out of 5

    Peter Davis (verified owner)

    Thanks Charles, I never thought to at the market as an auction before, this is really helpful, I feel so much less lost trading now, like I understand why it’s doing what it’s doing. I do recommend.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Corteman (verified owner)

    In all my years of learning the markets I have never paid for a course until now. I learned about profiles from random YouTube videos and the teachers were either following antiquated concepts, were throwing too much technical trading jargon to look smart or were selling expensive courses & memberships. This is not the case with Charles, he is a natural when it comes to teaching and does a great job of simplifying the concepts of profile and market behavior. This course teaches just the right amount, at a good pace and with enough examples to get the concepts. Don’t waist time just joining the free hour of streaming in YouTube, you will feel like you just walked into the middle of an adult conversation.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Juan Fradera (verified owner)

    This course is an excellent resource for traders new on Market Profile, who are looking to gain a better understanding of the markets and improve their trading skills.
    It is well-designed, easy to follow, and provides a solid foundation for new traders to build their knowledge and skills. It includes a wealth of information on market analysis, trading strategies, and risk management. Can’t miss!

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