What to disregard from Markets in Profile.

It goes without saying that Jim Dalton is the single best source of education on using Market Profile to increase your market understanding.

Both of his Books are amazing and definitely worth a read;

Mind Over Markets; Published 1990.

Markets in Profile; Published 2007.

It is fair to say though, you really only need the second book Markets in Profile as all the important factors from the first book are also covered in the second.

Here is a list of some things in these books that Jim mentioned during an Intensive Course in 2020 that he has discarded from his strategy as he has learned they do not work consistently anymore. Markets are always changing, and your strategy should change with them.


· 80% Rule

· Range Extension

· TPO Count

· Opening Types

· CTI codes

· Initiating and Responsive trades

· Merged Profiles

· 3–1 Daysfair

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