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stay disciplined!

There is a path to profitability.  Like learning an instrument, to play a sport, or a new language; mastering a complex skill is difficult. We’re here to help you stay disciplined and persevere. 


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Pirate Traders is a community. We don’t advocate for any one style or system for trading. We believe every system can work, if the market participant is an expert practitioner of that system. You do you, just be the best in the world at it.

Our philosophy


Join a community that’s steadfast in supporting each other.


We practice trading from a position of calm and focus.


Never give up. Building complex skills takes time. Be patient.






Stop your emotions,

Get into the flow of the market.

We believe that success as a trader doesn’t come from learning someone else’s trading system. It’s about mastering your own psychology first, then creating a system that fits you.

The Path to profitability!

  • Market-Understanding
  • System Exploration
  • Self-Understanding
  • Strategy

First a trader must become an expert in a particular market. It can be one specific stock, cryptocurrency, forex pair, commodity, or index. It could also be a collection of stocks, a sector, or even the world’s economy as a whole if they’re a Macro Trader. The idea is picking something and becoming an expert in that one thing.

Next, a trader should begin testing different trading systems that are traditionally effective in their chosen market. For example; rules for entries and exits, risk vs. reward parameters, risk management strategies, technical analysis tools, indicators, and software.

While finding effective systems, a trader must develop self-understanding. This is the awareness of one’s own habits, ego, emotional intelligence, and other mental strengths and weaknesses.

With the mastery of a market and self-understanding a trader is ready to develop their personal trading strategy. This is the system that is custom engineered to maximize their profitability and continuous development into the future.

reviews From youtube

Armando Yero

My eyes have been opened in looking at markets in a whole new way. Never fully thought of the auction process and that’s why this channel is GOLDEN.

Jaden Haynes

You make this so much easier and less intense, great teacher. 

Captain axlerod

Thank you so much for everything you do… giving me that strategy for rotational days. I’m a trend trader and really struggle with it. 

Richard Long

Best channel on YouTube IMO. 

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