Do you see the market in 3D?

Market Profile allows traders to see the market in three dimensions by showing time and volume at each price level.

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of all day traders quit within the first two years. 1

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of all day traders are able to predictably profit net of fees. 1

it's irrational

“Persistent trading in the face of losses is inconsistent with models of rational learning”  1

Seperate yourself from the crowd

Why is the two-way auction the best form of market analysis?

Markets are random. The moves they make are random because they are based on the emotions of millions of individual participants.

The only real order in the chaos is recognizing the competition between the buyers and sellers.

Course Outline

The Path to Profitability

Lesson one starts with an understanding of a trader’s process for developing a profitable strategy. Where to start, what steps must be completed, and what sign posts to look for along the way.

The Two-Way Auction Process

Lesson two explains the auction progress and how it can give a trader an edge over their competition.

Thinking in Probabilities

Lesson three teaches traders how to think; using logic and mathematical probabilities to gain an edge over traders making decisions based on emotions.

Market Profile Chart

Lesson four teaches traders how to recognize market generated information with market profile.

Developing Value

Lesson five covers why traders should focus on value not price. 

Initial Balance

Lesson six covers how the first hour sets the tone for the day. 

Point of Control

Lesson seven covers recognizing the fairest price to do business and understand when it gives a trader an edge.


Lesson eight teaches traders how to make the trend their friend.


Lesson nine teaches traders how to recognize when a market is in a rotational range. 

Weak References

Lesson ten covers how to recognize who the current participants are and how well the auction is going. 

Single Prints

Lesson eleven covers how to recognize the end of an auction or a change in the market. 

Liquidation & Short Covering

Lesson twelve covers how to recognize a Liquidation Break or Short Covering.


Lesson thirteen covers why Market Generated Information is the key to consistency.

The Cold Hard Truth

Lesson fourteen wraps up the concepts and prepares a trader for the reality of the journey to profitability ahead. 


Over 5 Hours of Content

"Every action you take is a vote for the person you wish to become."

~~ James Clear ~~

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