Weak Low

A Weak Low is similar to a Poor Low but with import differentiations.

A Weak Low is formed when the market creates a low on a TPO (or candlestick) within one tick of a previous technical or profile level. For example; highs/lows of previous TPOs, previous day’s highs/lows, the previous day’s settlement, or the current session’s open.

The location should be a mechanical and visual reference that is used by short term traders as an entry point. We consider them weak because short term traders are inherently weak hands as they must exit positions at some point within the session, in order take profits.

Weak lows can act as a magnet for price. One doesn’t mean much, but the more Weak References you have below price the higher the probability that at least the first of the Weak References will be repaired (more references = stronger magnet).

Weak lows are repaired when the market pulls back to at least two ticks of excess below them.

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